Monday, 5 October 2009

Practiced indifference

"The young ones" BBC

Today, a comedic tv show could not be formed by the stereotypical onlookings of sociological youth culture, its too vague. In 'The young one's' we have a hippie, punk, wannabe anarchist, and diminutive 'cool' older one. Four sociological observations from the 1980's and pre 1980's student scene. Particularly in youth culture today, indifference or apathy toward society is taken onboard, we look retrospectively on past socio and subcultural groups as points of reference of how to dress, how to act and what (was) to kick against. When the past sub-cultural youth groups existed it more often than not, represented the time in which they were formed. I, of course am part of this modern youth culture basing myself retrospectively for my place within the world and am distancing myself from this realm of understanding by creating my own 'practiced indifference'. I wish to try and illustrate my ideas of what 'practiced indifference' is. To me it causes disassociation within our modern youth culture BY our modern youth culture, leading to a misunderstanding of association and cynicism exercised as anti-unification...
maybe im a hippie